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To improve fuel economy and save weight, many manufacturers are producing aluminum bodied vehicles or using aluminum in many structural and cosmetic components. The traits of aluminum can become altered in a collision and it’s important to have an expert who is able to identify when a component is compromised. It’s so important that manufacturers prohibit the sale of replacement parts to shops that have not been certified. At Formula First Collision we have invested in the proper equipment and training to repair these vehicles in accordance with manufacturer determined specifications.

For aluminum collision repair, it is necessary to have a self-contained work environment, to preserve the integrity of the aluminum welding process and not contaminate the repair process with other particles that could be in the air. Training and knowledge required to perform structural aluminum repairs is extremely critical in maintaining the safety integrity of a vehicle. This type of repair requires not only highly skilled technicians, but also the use of very specific tools that are only available to certified shops like Formula First.